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Mutual Fund Brokerage Availability Info at Morningstar

edited December 2019 in Fund Discussions
David's Dec 2019 Commentary includes a comment about mutual fund brokerage availability at M*, including:

"Brokerage information used to be part of Morningstar’s online profiles of each fund but they found limited user interest and dropped the feature."

FWIW, the following link (at least for the moment) continues to retrieve brokerage info. Substitute the symbol of the fund in which you have an interest for DODGX:


  • As noted before, often you don't need to rewrite the URL. Just put your ticker into the search box and it will (usually) take you to the brokerage page for your desired fund. For example, a search works for VFIAX or GLFOX but not for the institutional class GLIFX.

    The modified URL does work for the latter share class though.
  • I wonder how long M* will continue this alternative server? This site does not recognize me. I doubt they are updating the information either. What a shame they dumped this. I am almost going to cancel, but their portfolio manger still seems to be the only one around that is this detailed
  • performance information is being updated, a little behind real time in my experience, and sometimes you have to start over w the single listing, in other words not just punching F5 for a refresh of the five you were comparing ...
  • I get a distinct sense of winnowing when I talk with the folks there.
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