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Ben Carlson & Michael Batnick: Q&A With Wes Gray & Jack Vogel Alpha Architect: Podcast

FYI: On this edition of Talk Your Book, we spoke with Wes Gray and Jack Vogel of Alpha Architect about:

.Which “death of value” arguments actually hold water?
.Backtesting vs. the real world
.Why any risk premium should work
.Why shorting stocks is so difficult to pull off
.Approaching investing from an academic background
.The change in expectation benefit
..What drives the value premium?
.How much cheaper are foreign stocks than U.S. stocks?
.How sentiment and stories impact investment returns
.The difficulty in being benchmark agnostic
.Why momentum is harder to wrap your head around than value
.The similarities between value and momentum
.Trend vs. growth vs. momentum

Alpha Architect Website:
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