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Chuck Jaffe's Money Life Show: Guest Frank Holmes, Manager, Gold And Precious Metals Fund: (USERX)

FYI: (Slide Mouse To 16:00 Minutes For Frank Holmes Interview.)

Episode Info

Frank Holmes, chief investment officer at U.S. Global Investors, says investors have plenty of reason to be optimistic right now, noting that the domestic and international economies are showing signs of strong demand, which should keep global markets rolling for the foreseeable future. There's more bullish praise for the market and its technical signals from Dan Zanger of, who is as fully invested as he has been in many months, despite his daily worries over how Tweets and news blurbs can ruin his short-term trades. Greg McBride of chats about how ill-prepared many Americans are for retirement, but how it appears that they are falling further behind rather than playing long-term, slow-speed catch-up, and Charlie Bobrinskoy, vice chairman of Ariel Investments, talks stocks and value investing in the Market Call.

M* Snapshot USERX:
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