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Seasonal PSA

Just a friendly reminder that "this the season" for year-end mutual fund distributions. So if anyone's fund drops a surprisingly bazillion bucks on any given day (other than an instant recession hitting!) between now and 12/31 you're probably fine. Check your statement for year-end gains/distributions if you're not sure. :)


  • Bump. Saw earlier today that someone came to MFO expressing concern about a fund - and had failed to see this note.
  • edited November 2019
    Thanks for the reminder @rforno. While I realize this is the season, the sudden plunge in NAV can still be a little bone-jarring until reality kicks in. Occasionally in the past I’ve posted something to the effect that “such & such fund” kicked out a big distribution today just to warn others. It would be easier to take if there was some pattern to tip you off (like on the last day of the month). But there isn’t. Pretty random. Usually you just need to google the fund name along with “distribution dates” and you’ll be directed to the management company’s list of fund / dates. And you can also find out by going directly to their website. Not sure - But I believe that, at least in the distant past, a few purposely kept secret the actual date in advance so as not to assist investors trying to game the system. I might be way wrong on that.
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