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On the matter of asset allocation

I am a bit of a nut about asset allocation matters. I was wondering how folks classify the following: Preferred stock etf. REIT ETF. AND CD LADDERS. For me the CD ladder is lumped in my Fixed income sleeve. That gives me room to reach for yield around the edges and still maintain decent quality overall. The REIT etf I go back and forth, a class of its own or just part of Equity. Preferred? A guess a class of its own as well. Your thoughts? Thanks for responding.


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    Hi @larryB, For my CD ladder which has an average maturity of one year (with maturities ranging from three months up to two years) is found in my cash sleeve since the cd's I own are FDIC insured and I consider them to be a form of a time deposit. I have my real estate income fund (FRINX) a member of my hybrid income sleeve; and, if I owned a preferred secutities fund (such as CPXAX) it would be a member of this sleeve as well. I have placed my convertible securities fund (FISCX) in my hybrid income sleeve. In addition, I hold a good number of income generating asset allocation funds in this sleeve as well.
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