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Trade War Has a Silver Lining in...

edited August 2019 in The OT Bullpen

" U.S. seaborne imports from China fell by 3.0% year over year while those from Vietnam climbed 28.5% and shipments from India and Thailand rose 17.6% and 16.0% respectively.
..the trade war is undoubtedly convincing some manufacturers to shift production to countries at lower risk of being hit with large tariffs."

My take: Despite all the TDS-types in the MSM and blogoshere, America is winning the trade war. Every Chinese factory worker whose job moves to Vietnam, we win. Every Chinese factory shut down and moved to India, we win. Then "repeat".

Depriving the Red Army of a $500 billion/year subsidy far more important to this nation's future than a few "scary" stock market days. Investors who are overly skittish about volatility should re-evaluate their risk-tolerance. That, or "grow a pair".

Companies change suppliers all the time. Trump is simply doing this on a national scale. No its not instantaneous, so pundits who suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder don't get it. But it's happening.
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