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OT:Ping Rono

edited January 2013 in Off-Topic
What is really going on? Are my Vanguard Muni bond funds going to take a hit?



  • Hi Mona,

    Apparently, Snyder has given them more time. Also, he's still reeling from signing the Right To Work bill so he's being nice to folks right now. Bing is a top shelf mayor but he has a city council that's very militant and unable to see the writing on the wall. He's also dealing with unions that entrenched and defiant.

    Your Vanguard Muni bond fund? I would think it would be about as safe as you can find in the space. Geez, I'm riding some NZW (MI muni) but will keep it. Cripes, as compared to most of the other states, Michigan has great finances - at least at the state level. However, some of the local units of gov't - both muni and county have some real issues with legacy costs - pensions, benefits, infrastructure, etc. Michigan, overall, isn't all that bad. You want a mess - look at Illinois. Wow, they are so well and truely screwed. And their legislature just passed on fixing it.

    With munis, unless it's a revenue bond, stay with funds at the major houses like Vg, TRP, Fido and keep it in moderation.

    Good luck,


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