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the June issue is up ... and we're off!

Interesting stuff. Charles reflects at length on the lessons of the Morningstar conference and the fund families he found most compelling. Ed gets pretty specific about advice for long-term investors. We talk a bit about the new Zeo and Cannabis funds; update you on INDEX, the S&P 500 equal weight index fund that shouldn't be able to outperform its cheaper competitor, but does; and a talk with Paul Privitera about an active ETF that balances bank loans and high-yield bonds.

Chip and I are about to head out for 11 days in the west of Ireland. The travel arrangements are ugly but the country's beautiful. Charles will watch over things while we're gone. Please don't give him a headache.

As ever,



  • I call FOUL!!! re: "A Launch Alert for Cannabis Growth Fund (CANNX), which we wrote without a single pot joke."

    What good is that. As a long time reader of your reports I've come to depend on the humor. It's a sad day.
  • Thank you for the June issue. Thank you also for the note appending Ed's commentary citing the funds he refers to in his piece. I'm always curious as to which specific funds he has mind!
  • Enjoy Ireland @David_Snowball. My wife and I stayed in a castle which was also a golf club somewhere on the West coast back in the late '90s. Guinness was MUCH better there than here. I think we were North of Shannon not to far from Galway. Hard to get used to driving on the "wrong" side of the road and stopping for sheep crossings, but the countryside was beautiful. Enjoy!
  • Have a good time!
  • Ireland is just beautiful. My wife and I spent about ten days touring there some years ago... loved the west coast. There's a fascinating island group there, called the Blaskets, somewhat to the north of Dingle. If you aren't able to take a trip out to the islands themselves there's a really good museum on the mainland associated with those islands. There's a wonderful book about growing up on the islands: The Islandman, by Tomas O'Crohan. He spoke no English... only a dialect specific to those islands.

    You two have a wonderful time. And MikeM is absolutely right about the Guinness.

  • edited June 2019
    Morningstar showcases the most prominent of this year’s 49 speakers here, where you will find presentation summaries and interviews. This year’s speakers included AQR’s Cliff Asness, T. Rowe Price’s David Giroux, and Royce’s Charlie Dreifus. Mr. Giroux manages Capital Appreciation (PRWCX), which is an MFO Great Owl fund, and Mr. Dreifus manages Special Equity (RYSEX).

    I guess we can no longer talk about the funds His Assness manages:-D
  • Hi VintageFreak. I did go on to discuss AQR fund performance, quite a bit actually, a little further down in the piece. c
  • @Charles: I believe its time to put this announcement to rest.
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