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Jonathan Clement's: Cover Me: How Much Insurance Do I Need ? Insurance Agents Standard Answer "More"

FYI: IF YOU ASK an insurance agent how much coverage you should have, the answer invariably is “more.” What if you show too much interest? Next thing you know, you could find yourself the unhappy owner of a high-cost variable annuity.

Consumers, meanwhile, take what might be politely described as a barbell approach. Sometimes, they’re acutely aware of a particular risk and buy more coverage than they need—a frequent occurrence with auto and health insurance. But in other instances, they simply ignore the risk. This leads folks to skip life, umbrella liability, disability and long-term-care insurance.

Want to make more rational decisions? Keep in mind these 11 rules of insurance:


  • Good write up on insurance.
  • edited April 2019
    Okay , I'm holding a small policy amount $ 50 K to help pay taxes on IRA's , should I pass before I lower them considerably by withdrawals At this time, policy is costing about $500 a year.
    Is this a good idea ?
    Does anyone care to comment on this insurance link ?

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