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PAUDX - 12/31 special dividend

edited January 2013 in Fund Discussions
anyone else has a .90% plunge and no dividend reflected in their holdings on 12/31? fidelity is definetely NOT showing the dividend. they did update PONDX yesterday with the effective date 12/31... are other brokerages more nimble? or... there is no dividend and i am imagining things?


  • schwab posted my usual dividend as of dec. 31. Pimco did issue regular dividend and perhaps fidelity is behind in listing it due to holiday.
  • circa33,
    Fidelity posted a larger dividend @$11.11 on 12/27/2012
    for paudx
  • on my schwab account I have dividend posted for 12/12, 12/27, and 12/31
    you should too. philpill
  • edited January 2013
    Right, phil, applicable Pimco funds had cap gains 12/12, the 'bonus' dividend 12/27, and the regular dividend 12/31. The latter just showed up as paid in my Vanguard account this morning ... and it's accounted for as a 2013 dividend, fwiw.
  • thanks, phil and andy. it should have been a 12/31 dividend for all intents and purposes, but at least we are getting it! here is from fido just now:
    I have contacted our Operations group and they are anticipating that the dividend for the Pimco All Asset All Authority Class D (PAUDX) will be paid to the accounts today January 3, 2013. The payment is expected to be viewable in the accounts by close of business today.
    (for the full disclosure, this is not for me, but for my relative's smaller account. i don't do allocation funds.)
  • Fidelity posted the PONDX dividend that occurred on 12/31 last night after market close (1/2)

    I also saw some last minute distributions for FMIJX and SUBFX as well.
  • Reply to @Investor: yeah.. i got PONDX last night effective 12/31, but not PAUDX, which is still missing as i type this despite the promise i quoted from their rep above.
  • edited January 2013
    Reply to @AndyJ: To correct the "2013 dividend" mention in my post just above this one, Vanguard has accounted for the 12/31 dividend paid in January as 2013 income, and that's not right -- here's what IRS Pub 550, Investment Income, says on the subject:

    "Dividends received in January. If a mutual fund (or other regulated investment company) or real estate investment trust (REIT) declares a dividend (including any exempt-interest dividend or capital gain distribution) in October, November, or December, payable to shareholders of record on a date in one of those months but actually pays the dividend during January of the next calendar year, you are considered to have received the dividend on December 31. You report the dividend in the year it was declared."
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