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  • Ted April 2019
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DODFX re-opening on 5/1

At least they're being honest! Though given their utter reluctance to adjust their holdings as the GFC was confiming itself didn't sit well with me ... they were too stubborn at the time and the fund suffered more than it probably needed to.

The Dodge & Cox International Stock Fund will reopen to new investors on May 1, 2019.

The Dodge & Cox International Stock Fund will reopen to new investors on May 1, 2019. The Fund was closed in 2015 to proactively "tap the brakes" on the Fund's growth, but remained open to existing shareholders.

Since then, we have continued to deepen our global research and shareholder services capabilities. Volatile global equity markets have also created what we believe to be many attractive long-term investment opportunities outside the United States. This volatility, industry trends, and the Fund’s recent relative results have contributed to outflows, creating ample investment capacity to accommodate reasonable growth into the foreseeable future.

All of these factors led us to conclude that this is the right time to open the Fund to new investors. Our primary objective at Dodge & Cox is to serve our existing clients and shareholders well, and we believe reopening the International Stock Fund supports this objective.


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