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What is Your Grit Score

Hi Guys,

I am surely not near the top of the most successful investors in the world or even on this fine website. I perhaps falsely suspect that there is more than a slight difference. Therefore, I hesitate to offer any investment advice to our group. But at least one human characteristic that just might provide a signal on our potential, note potential and not a guarantee, for investing success is often cited. That signal is our grit factor. Please give this reference a read:

Grit equates to success in countless tasks. Investing IQ by itself doesn’t project to successful investing. Here is a Link to a paper with the same title:

There are many factors that contribute to Grit. Here Is a Link to a Grit test from The NY Times:

Here is a Link to a more comprehensive series of test questions:

How well did you do? I scored. pretty high, but the published tests are likely far too short to yield a reliable measure of true grit. But it’s fun so give it a test try anyway. Good luck.

Best Regards
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