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I cannot start new discussions

I tried to start a new discussion in off-topic today and it says I do not have permissions. What?


  • Right after posting this I tried again and it took my test post. It looks like site is having some problems.
  • :) Funny. Site was definitely having some problems from around midnight to early this morning.

    Rare indeed.
  • @hank, don't you sleep? How would you know that?
  • edited February 2019
    MikeM said:

    @hank, don't you sleep? How would you know that?

    @MikeM - Thanks for asking. I’d erroneously inserted a double-negative into my last post of the evening. Was up all night trying to edit the damned thing.
  • @hank- A double-negative! Wow, that puts you in a class with you-know-who.. he's always double negative!
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