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edited April 2011 in Fund Discussions
I was wondering if anyone has joined the "Walthausen Train" and, if so, how happy you are. Also, has anyone decided to buy the Select Value Fund over the Small Cap Value Fund. Either way, I am curious if you view it / them as core holdings or ones you're watching closely.


  • Hi, scooter!

    I haven't purchased either, though I do follow both.

    I'm curious about why you placed this "off-topic"? This question seems pretty central.

  • Lack of skills I guess - I'll have to pay more attention when posting next time - thanks for catching...
  • BTW, I spoke with a Walthausen person yesterday at length and he was very nice and helpful. I left the conversation not sure what to do. There were many things I liked but I wasn't able to make a gut feel on pulling the trigger which is why I'm curious what other people feel. He has had a great track record, though the record that I can follow has been during up markets and not sure how he does on down swings.
  • I am a sucker for small cap funds. I do have min. investment in WSCVX in Self-Managed 401k account. It is a rather aggressive fund as far as I can see (in both directions).
  • good fund bought it a while ago. Up 32.6% since purchase. Its a winner in my book.
  • I am sold on John Walthausen of WSCVX, and we continue to own a 10% position in this fund. Here is my analysis of Mr. Walthausen's track record:
  • I like the fund and would consider owning it in the future. Walthausen did very well at Paradigm. I'm satisfied with existing holdings of Champlain Small Cap (CIPSX) and Aston River Road Indepenent Value (ARIVX) so not looking to add currently.
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