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LongTerm Investment Asset Class Performance

edited January 2019 in Fund Discussions
Hi Guys,

I recently contributed to a Link that provided investment asset class correlation data. I repeat that reference now for completeness:

On further thought on this matter, I believe it might be useful to enhance that submittal with an additional reference that summarizes the performance characteristics of all asset classes in a single convenient report. Here is that link:

I realize that most of you guys have much access to similar summaries or know much of what is provided in this document, but a few of you just might find this reference useful. I hope so. It contains a ton of interesting comparisons.

Best Wishes


  • Thanks MJG. I'm not an expert on different available sites by any means, but I will say Portfolio Visualizer is my favorite.
  • Just an FYI - the Raymond James document is 8 yrs old.
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