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Let me sing the praises of MFO discussion board

Over on the cult like Boglehead board a cult member had the audacity to ask if it would be ok to discuss recent changes in trade policy. No one brought up dear leader and the discussion connected trade policy to investing EX US. This all started at 648 and by 732 the tread was closed by dear Lady Geek. Let's all be thankful for relative freedom we have here at MFO.


  • A statement by a member at the Boglehead board relating to you notation:
    Lady Geek: REALLY? -
    2 hours ago - Are you serious? We can talk about personal tax questions which are related to tax policy. But we can't talk about investing EX US as it relates ...

    >>>The discussion, with the subject started previous and slammed shut by the lady:

    Forum page

    >>>A Q&A write with the lady:

    Lady Geek, chit-chat

    This self quote from her Wiki page: "Why do I contribute? As the saying goes, "The best way to learn a topic is to try to teach it." Contributing to the wiki allows me to help others while learning more about investing."

    >>>She may want to reread the "allows me to help others while learning more about investing" portion.

    Me thinks she seems a bit uptight and/or self-righteous. Power is power for some.
    As the thought goes, tunnel vision reduces the possibility of being scared by what is about to hit you..... not a recommended method for an investor, IMHO.

    Good evening,
  • Broadly speaking Bogleheads have trained themselves not to think very broadly about anything. It's a totally one size fits all philosophy and any deviation from the orthodoxy is frowned upon in the plainest language. My favorite BH hypocrisy is that they hate it when any business they come in contact with makes a dime but they want the companies that make up the total stock market index to make lots of profit. As they will say: check the wiki and trust in Larry Swedroe.
  • Larry, we’ve got our own cult leader over here. He posts articles in such rapid succession that threads get lost. The other leaders like to pretend this doesn’t exist...
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