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PRWCX disappoints today



  • I'm totally lost by what this thread is talking about. An awesome fund dropping by a minisclule amount one day is cause for concern? (Puh-lease!) An awesome fund is awesome for years and is a cause for concern?

    I'm a happy PRWCX holder and see no reason for concern or controversy related to the fund anytime soon.

  • PRWCX Covered call strategy:
    PRWCX has employed a covered call overwriting strategy consistently since 2008. This involves buying an equity security and writing a call option that becomes exercisable at a higher price in return for an upfront premium. In the first half of 2018, our covered call program generated 133% of the market’s return while taking on only 55% of the market’s risk. While the underlying derivatives detracted from performance in the last six months, the underlying equities were material positive contributors to performance and the combined portfolio of equities and the calls written against them produced good absolute and risk-adjusted returns.
  • Nobody here suggested that the fund is not a good one. It's just ridiculous that you care to even mention about a 1-day return unless it was absolutely mind boggling.

    SMFH = Shaking my ****ing head
  • @bee, tnx, I stand amended / corrected.
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