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PRGTX sells out of its large TSLA position (again)

FYI yesterday I posted over at M* that according to the TRP 6/30 disclosure, TRP's Global Tech Fund seems to have dumped TSLA very recently. So if you hold it, as I do, and been trimming the position b/c of Musk's ongoing displays of public weirdness (as I've done) this should put your mind at ease for a while. Tencent is now 11.7% allocation and their #1 holding.

(ignore the M* holdings, they are still showing TSLA as #1 holding)


  • Thanks for this info!
  • Page 2 of this linked PDF lists the top 10 holdings by % for PRGTX as of 6/30.
  • Btw, I'd love to see this fund regain last year's form ...
  • Thanks for the info, its position was way too large, but I bet those with the fund in a taxable account should be aware of potentially large cap gains fr 2018. This fund is my third largest position in portfolio
  • "Musk's ongoing displays of public weirdness"

    Yes, very worrisome.
  • The stress to meet the production goal has gotten to him. Last report was that he has not left the factory for several weeks. His recent outburst is concerning...
  • By the way we limited ourselves to a small allocation in TRP's Global Tech Fund. What concerned us was the heavily weighings in the top 10 stocks. On the other hands, we have more confident with Primecap Odyssey Aggressive Growth, POAGX, and their approach. the fund is closed to new investor, but the larger cap Primecap Odyssey Growth, POGRX, is open while using the same investment approach. Management fee is also reasonable.
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