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Portfolio Robustness Test

Hi Guys,

I have said this before and I will surely say it again and likely again over time. Monte Carlo simulations are a terrific tool to challenge the survival robustness of a portfolio. What portfolio? Any you own or are likely to own.

There are now many free Monte Carlo simulators available on the Net. I especially like the one offered by Portfolio Visualizer. It provides many options, is comprehensive, is easy to use, and is fast. I have referenced it on earlier posts. Here is a Link to that useful financial tool:

If you want to explore the probability odds of a portfolio's survival, please give this tool an examination. I think you will be impressed with it. Give it a few test runs. You can use it to improve the survival odds of your portfolio. Enjoy and prosper.

Best Regards


  • While I've not played w/the Monte Carlo simulations, that site is very helpful -- been a fan of it for years ... it's a great resource!!
  • Hi Rforno,

    Thanks for your endorsement of the Portfolio Visualizer website. I completely agree.

    It is a great resource for investors that offers a broad range of useful tools and market data. I especially like the correlation tool that allows an investor to test if two or more investments really diversify a portfolio or are simply more of the same type of investment.

    Happy returns are more likely with the Portfolio Vsualzer's array of tools.

    Best Wishes
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