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Non-Agency Mortgages: look who is buying

edited October 2012 in Fund Discussions
as expected: QE3/yield demand; less supply; home market revival -- all behind recent success of PONDX and other similar offerings.


  • Hi FA- Say, what are your feelings re PONDX- we're going to be gone for a month or so, without access to computers (thank God). Think it will hold together till we get back?

    (No hard feelings if you turn out to be wrong.)

    Thanks- OJ
  • :) OJ... I don't know. For me, it is not a 30-day trade. This is a yieldy investment that still has some juice. These were selling @ 20-40 c on a dollar. Even if they double, there is still value for those shops who do credit analysis. enjoy your time off and, by the way, thanks for a wonderful user guide.
  • edited October 2012
    Reply to @fundalarm: I get nervous when we go on vacation at this time of year. Was in Baltic States area (and St. Petersburg) in 2007- got killed as market self-destructed while we were away.

    OK, will cross my fingers and hold PONDX at least until we get back. Thanks for comment on guide!:-)
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