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SCHD Schwab Dividend ETF Distribution decline

Far be it from me to start a discussion about a fund but I was wondering if anyone noticed the almost 20% decline in the March distribution relative to March 17? This ETF had been growing it's distribution very nicely since it's inception. Not a great way to slide into retirement but if you can't take a joke you should stick to CD's.


  • Hey Larry. The quarterly dividend on this fund is, how shall we say, flexible. While disappointing I wouldn't let one quarters decline send my blood pressure into overdrive. It's possible that the funds sponsor sold off some high yield (risky) assets in favor of lower yield, presumably safer holdings or possibly for holdings with better prospects for future dividend growth. Do they explain or account for the drop in their quarterly/annual reports?

    We are in agreement that most in retirement do not take kindly to reductions in their distributions. Hang in there until you know more.
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