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sell ivwix

edited August 2012 in Fund Discussions
i am not happy with the performance of ivwix. i purchased it in 2008. any information on why it is not doing well, or suggestions on a repacment fund would be appreciated.


  • If you indeed purchased IVA Worldwide in 2008, you know that this fund excells in down markets. It holds an eclectic mix of cash/bonds/gold/domestic & foreign stocks. If you look at M*, you might think it is short cash, but that is really short positions against the euro and the yen, currently at -10% and -5.6%, with about 16% in U.S. cash. When you add that to the ~ 5% gold bullion, you can pretty quickly see this is not your typical global equity fund. Sell if you want, but understand this fund will probably lag in decent markets. But if you want a fund that gets 90%+ of the upside over the last three years with a history of doing well in bear markets, I would hang on to this. My guess is that if the fund was in the top quartile year to-date, you might be less interested in selling. I think once this fund has a full 5-year record, it will look pretty good.
  • edited August 2012
    This fund has struggled in 2011 and so so this year. It was a new fund in 2008 and was not yet fully invested and that is boosting its record. They are not doing as well as SGENX (their previous fund) this year either.

    I sold out and allocated my monies into other funds earlier this year.
  • when you sold ivwix, what funds did you replace it with??
  • edited August 2012
    I've added the money to my existing funds like ARTKX, FMIJX, GLRBX, PRPFX.
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