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Corporate governance: "co-opting" Congress & the Opioid Epidemic

edited October 2017 in The OT Bullpen
A little over a year ago, Wells Fargo made the news for opening extra accounts for its existing clients, which the clients never authorized, didn't want, and may have had adverse effects on some of those clients' credit history.

A thread on MFO attracted a lot of posts, and irate concerned citizens, shocked, SHOCKED about the grievous level of malfeasance:

On 60 Minutes, 10/15/17 broadcast, an expose on the drug industry's efforts to push opiates to the people, use of Congress to subvert the DEA's efforts to control the problem, and basically getting away with murder, was aired:

I would suggest all those folks shocked by Wells' actions should place those action in the perspective of what the drug industry malfeasance has done to this country. We are talking about a lot of dead people, kids orphaned, etc. All of this malfeasance is legal --- because we have the best government money can buy. The human toll, the human holocaust, dwarfs the inconvenience of having some FICO scores messed up.

Its not what is done in this country which is illegal which is confounding. Rather it is what is LEGAL.

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