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Why Doesn’t Your Company Want You To Put More In Your 401(k)?

FYI: They welcomed automatic enrollment and contribution increases a decade ago. Not any more.


  • My wifes company is requiring their employees to up their contribution rate to 7%(from 6) this year, 8% next year, 9% the following year, then freezing at 10% the next! I think this is a good thing.
  • First take away pension. Then line your pockets with bonuses.
    Next enrich wall street and receive kickbacks.
    Now accept that workers were never your priority in the first place. You've milked everything else out as it is including waiting to add match until end of the year (too bad if employee leaves during the year).
    Then blame government who will be forced to pick up the slack.
    At the same time, lobby for the end of Social Security as we know it.

  • @DocK,
    wow, how cool; hope they pay accordingly, haha. What company is that?
  • It is a regional hospital group, so yes, they pay their staff quite well! They took this action after analyzing their employees 401k accounts and wanting to insure they had good retirement savings. This may be a shock to some on this board, but some employers care about their employees!
  • @DocK, It is great to hear some employers actually care about their employees.
  • awesome enforcement!
  • The big question is does this hospital match employee contributions to any extent. That would be even better. Bravo to this hospital.
  • Yes. They have been matching one half employees contribution and will continue.
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