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Guidstone Defensive Market Fund - (GDMZX)

I Have Been Looking At This Fund Since Last Year - It Has Performed Very Well Since Inception - But I Dont Fully Understand It, And I Am Not Sure If It Can Continue To Perform So Well - I Would Appreciate Any Opinions On This Fund


  • @ducrow: CDMZX is worth watching ! It might be a winner winner chicken dinner. Thanks for bringing it to the Boards attention.
  • beebee
    edited March 2016
    Thanks @ducrow for the discussion on this fund. GDMZX should help readers hyper link for research.

    I came across these links on their website:


    @Ted...nice call on Utes. BULIX and VPU should have good days today.
  • I Would Like To Thank Ted & Bee For Their Input - Im Going To Buy The Fund Monday
  • I'm not a taker here. This is basically an all stock fund that will fall with the market, though perhaps to a lesser extent. In that space I prefer VDC, VMVFX, UTG (utilities), PDT (Preferreds). Good luck.
  • I too do not dabble with the so called defensive or stable funds. I do, however keep an allocation to utilities via FRUAX in my Roth and XLU in my traditional Ira along with RHS and XLP in both. It provides nice ballast when all else is tanking. Thinking about adding a preferred to throw into the mix, but with less conviction it will perform as well. My largest fund position, VDIGX also seems to provide nice balance to some of my more aggressive holdings.
  • I have a hard time buying into a 'defensive' fund that hasn't really encountered a 'hostile' market for it to prove its name. I also think it's kind of expensive and (speaking for myself) I don't like its financial exposure. So I'd take a pass on this personally, but each to their own.
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