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Decision Moose open house

For the financial indicator junkies out there, the house of MooSignal has opened the content behind the pay wall until Jan 6 for some of the more detailed comments, recent relative strengths, etc.

Never been a member although I check on the public MooSignal once in a while out of curiosity.

PS: Seems to me there ought to be a category between Fund Discussion and Off Topic. For investment strategy/financial news that may not be specific to any funds. Perhaps there are good reasons not to do so.


  • Thanks for site seeing tip vkt! I'm on my way there now.

    I agree about additional categories, but I thought about a new category called "Way Off Topic" for discussions about assault weapons and the like. Ha!
  • edited January 2016
    If I understand correctly, the funds invested there did not grow at all since 10.16.2009, see their website

    If this is correct (please check), perhaps their methods no longer work for the last 6 years?
  • Impressive from 2000 to your referenced 10/16/2009. But I take hypothetical results (good or bad) with a large grain of salt.
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