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Bloomberg takes toll on current treasury market massacre

edited March 2012 in Fund Discussions
while this doesn't directly address other instruments, munis, lev loans, high yield and any other 'spread' products followed treasurys in the free fall. the rates seem to have stabilized today (not for munis though).


  • edited March 2012
    Hi fundalarm,

    Most interesting during the past week or so.
    I placed two charts in the below links. Set for 50, 100 & 200 day averages over 3 years backwards. I am sure there are other eft or index charts that are similar over the same time period; but there are quite a few cross-over points on these that one would not normally see when viewing a typical mutual fund chart. One can see at the most recent dates how the 50 day blew through the 100 and 200 day.

    ---10 year Treasury (yield)$TNX&p=D&yr=3&mn=0&dy=0&id=p89240738106

    ---10 year Treasury (price)$UST&p=D&yr=3&mn=0&dy=0&id=p68474271730

    Take care,
  • Reply to @catch22: a few bits from our desk:
    • Mr. Bernanke not-withstanding, Fed Funds are pricing in almost a 100% chance of a rate increase by year end 2013, almost a year ahead of FOMC guidance. Expectations now call for 25 bps by the end of ‘013, 50 bps by mid-2014 and a full 75 bps by year end ‘014.

    different world from a week ago. and yes, important technicals have been broken. any portfolio changes on your end, Mark?
  • Reply to @fundalarm:

    Have not moved any of the bond holdings, regardless of the sector. Seeing a bit of a positve bump with the tips and 7-10 year T areas. The $ is down most of the day; and yet emerging market bond sector is weak again today. Something is going on with money moves in this area. I anticipated a bit of relief in the high yield bond area today; but it does not appear that will happen, as well as with the IG corp. bond area.
    If I have enough time for the weekend Funds Boats write, I may offer my non-professional viewpoint about the bond areas; in particular the Treasuries.

    Ok, take care of yourselves.

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