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  • It is conservative pick... Remember he came from Goldman Sach to work for Hank Paulson. It helped to have the public exposure to oversee TARP in time of crisis. While his tenure was short, his success in the private sector, PIMCO, is less certain.
  • I wonder if he ever finished the shed.
  • All I want to know is his net worth when he left to build the shed at 35. The rest of us cannot afford to quit their job and go to live into the mountains at that age. The rest of us just might have to suffer a heart attack working at our desk.

    The decision to leave to build a shed is taken with the full knowledge he can come back and always find a job within his good old friends club. That's how it works.

    Why is this news again? Because when the next crisis hurts he will again quit after 7 months and go build another shed?
  • edited November 2015
    Not good:

    ... now we are about to have a Fed president who says:
    "How’s this? Growth was artificially fast due to leveraging of econ. Trying to return to that rate thru def spend is futile."
    In the words of Charlie Brown, AAUGH!
    That word “artificially” is the real telltale, as is Kashkari’s description of Japanese monetary stimulus as “morphine.” It’s straight out of the liquidationist playbook, e.g. Hayek denouncing the use of “artificial stimulants” to fight the Great Depression.
    So, great: we now have a liquidationist in a senior position in the Fed system.
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  • "It’s straight out of the liquidationist playbook"

    Not unusual that them that have are inclined to liquidate them that have not.
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