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Mutual Fund version of XLY

Is anyone aware of a mutual fund version of the etf XLY (consumer discretionary etf)? Kinda like FBIOX is a mutual fund version of the biotech etf IBB. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


  • Maybe, FSRPX.
  • ProFunds Consumer Goods UltraSector? Icon and Fidelity have consumer discretionary funds. Fidelity also has a consumer staples fund.

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    Howdy @PopTart

    Here is a list of Fidelity's choices. Fido names 7 select funds they consider to have a consumer tilt.

    You may sort these, just above the columns, by YTD and such. Each fund ticker is clickable for a better look inside the fund and towards the right edge is the broad market sector description column.

    ALSO, at the green title bar on the MFO pages, don't forget Accipiter's program.
    Click on Resources, then select "The Navigator", then for a fund list, type in the desired this case, type in "consumer". A list of related mutual funds (by name) will be assembled.

    Hey, last year on this date we had snow on the ground. Enjoy the 70 degree weather while it lasts. Prediction: First stay on the ground snowfall for A-squared area is December 20. Just don't invest in my prediction. :) I have already fueled and tested the snowblower here.

    Take care,
  • Thanks for the suggestions! I'm not sure if I'll buy into any of these funds, but I wanted to know what else is out there besides XLY so that I can check them out.

    Catch - That link is the motherload of Fido funds, thanks! I remember that we had a cold a snowy Nov. last year, should be 70 degrees and sunny all week. Sept. in Nov.!

    Dec. 20 sounds about right for the first snowfall for A Squared. Great idea about the snowblower, I'll test it tonight. :)
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    This link is for all Fido funds by, domestic equity., etc.

    Lastly, as you probably are aware; at the search/get a quote box, at the top right, on the Fido pages and after entering a fund ticker, the overview page that pops up is quite nice, especially the "composition" choice. At least it is easy on my eyes and easy to soak up the info. Underneath the BUY/TRADE icon the "compare" (charts, time frames, etc.) may be of value too and a bit to the right of that is a + Similar Funds icon. This is sometimes handy for viewing similar funds to one that is being reviewed. And the similar funds are more than Fido offerings. Once in a while you might encounter an institutional or other fund ticker that won't display data; being that it is likely not available for purchase to a retail investor. All items about a fund are usually available without being logged-in or having a Fido account. This applies to etf's and stock tickers, too.

    Take care,
  • Thanks for all this helpful info.:)
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