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Dow Theory Sell Signal Aug 21 & 24, 2015

edited August 2015 in Fund Discussions

Record is OK, beats buy and hold. Sell signals only occur every few years. I wonder if any asset allocation funds use this or death cross signal to move from low to high stock allocation.


  • Indeed I'd like to know that to. The only fund that I am aware of that adjust it's stock and bond allocation to the valuation of the S&P 500 Index is Columbia's Thermostat Fund (CTFAX). If there are others that use signals to position I'd definately like to know of them. Perhaps this is a topic some writer will explore for us.
  • Wait a second? How many DOW theory signals are there how many people are allowed to claim knowledge in them? I thought classic DOW theory signal happened fews weeks/months back when the Industrials and the Transports diverged, and then confirmed with the Industrials following the transports down.
  • @MFO Members: Some background reading on the Dow Theory.
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