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edited February 2012 in Fund Discussions
Has anyone out there made money in RPHYX over the past 6 months? My TD Ameritrade total with reinvested interest/dividends remains stubbornly a few dollars negative.


  • Over the last 6 months, RPHYX made 2.3%, which is even better than in the previous 6 months. One can easily check it using M*, or you may just call the fund. Kudos to David Snowball for discovering this amazing fund!!!

    You may also check whether there was some mistake at TD Ameritrade: If they do not reinvest it, then you may get some cash instead of shares of RPHYX. Note that the price of a share of this fund does not move much.
  • Sounds like a problem at your brokerage. It ended 2011 with a 3.83% gain. I purchased it July 5 and at that time it showed 2.48% YTD gain. It's currently up 0.66% YTD. Modest but consistant gains throughout with a couple of minor dips.
  • TDA did resolve the concerns. The share valuation has declined enough that the reinvested dividends/interest at slightly higher valuations appear to create a loss. Even using their gain/loss view shows a loss, since they continually add the reinvested dividends to the "cost" column. Makes it difficult to find the original cost unless one finds the month of the original investment.
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