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Great Owls page not displaying

I cannot get the Great Owls page to display entirely. The only thing that displays is the "Fund Ratings Key". The page churns and occasionally a profile will flash onto the page then immediately disappear. HELP, please!

I am running VISTA Home Prem. and IE9.

Thank you!!!


  • edited January 2015
    Hi mcmarasco.

    I noticed that our spreadsheet had scrolled off-center and I corrected it. Hopefully, that was causing the issue you reported (thank you!).

    It comes up for me now...screenshot of top view:


    You should also see one for Asset Allocation funds and another for Equity funds, just scroll down the page.

    You can download all three sheets in one Excel worksheet to your computer, if you prefer.

    Great Owl, Three Alarm, and Dashboard search tools have all be updated with fund performance through December 2014. The updated ratings should be uploaded to MultiSearch and Risk Profile search tools shortly.

    We will post an announcement when complete.

  • Charles, still not displaying for me. It just churns and churns, I do get the "footnotes" also, but not the GO funds.

    I also seem to have the same problem with 3-alarm funds! HELP!!

    Thx, Matt
  • Hi, Matt.
    Do you have another browser (Chrome or Firefox) on your computer? If so, would you please try that and let us know if it works?
    We'll try to figure this out.
  • edited January 2015

    I just downloaded Chrome and was ABLE to view GO funds and the 3-alarm funds w/o a problem!

    In the past I was able to access GO funds, but I have not tried to in the last few months. Please let me know what you think is going on!

    Thx, Matt
  • Sorry for hassle mc.

    It's so funny. These are displayed using embedded Microsoft Online Excel sheets.

    But it seems to run faster with Chrome.

    Still, I just tried with ie11 and it came up fine...all three sheets. Took a little longer, but it worked.

    So, couple other ideas if you want to use ie. Try clearing cookies and/or upgrade to ie11.

    Hey, honestly, we thought the online Excel display was pretty cool. But, a couple folks have noted issues with it, like OldJoe. So, maybe we will go back to earlier on-line search tool and reserve the online Excel for downloading.

    Will give it a closer look.
  • edited January 2015
    Well Charles, as you know, I'm just spessial ! Well maybe not special, but at least a special case with respect to this topic. I'm running a Firefox variant "special" to the creaky obsolescent Mac OS that I need to use, so my viewing experiences should not be given much weight in the overall view of things. As I previously noted to you though, fwiw I did update my sort-of-Firefox (son of Firefox?) browser to the latest version a few months ago, and now the GO lists work just fine.

    A good new year to you, sir! OJ
  • Charles, unfortuately for me, I cannot upgrade to ie11, I am at the hihgest upgrade for my operating system. I run VISTA Home Premium and can only upgrade to ie9 which is what i am running today. But thank you for the suggestions!!
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