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Nuveen Real Asset Income Fund (NRIAX)

Im Considering Purchasing This Fund. I Would Appreciate The Pros & Cons Of This Fund.


  • Compare FGIAX and FREAX to their benchmarks. NRIAX has the same managers, only with a wider universe because of the income mandate.

    I like the fund, and have thought about it as a one stop for global diversification through real assets. My cons would have to be the ER and that Nuveen was just bought by TIAA-CREF and they seem to be still working through the kinks. Because I have a long horizon and don't necessarily need income, for now I just use SCHH and GII.
  • @mrdarcey: NRAIX is unranked among #113 (WA) Funds covered by U.S. News & World Report. 12.70% 3 year return puts it in the 3rd percentile, not bad

    M* NRAIX Performance:
  • @Ted

    I'm not sure world allocation is where I'd put NRIAX. I know it's a catchall category, but the fund has a pretty limited universe (and one that has done well recently, hence the percentile rank).

    Still, it should be a pretty low vol way to build in alternative/inflation fighting asset classes.
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