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Why is a topic "closed" vs just killing/deleting in total???

edited April 2011 in Technical Questions
Why leave a topic area in place when the discussion has been closed? Or at least in the case of the "wsj-us-debt-myths" discussion in the "off-topic section.
What purpose is being served with this function?
Thank you.


  • edited April 2011
    Hate to agree with Catch, but I agree with Catch. The wsj debt myth was the first thread I've uncovered where there was some real passion in the posts. Was gonna leave a comment there sayin I thought this was a really good example of what the "off topic" category was intended for. When tried to do so, found the thread closed. Guessin somebody decided that the off topic thread had become off topic. Makes no sense. On the old FA board these politically tainted debates might have been considered off topic and a obstruction to the boards higher purpose whatever that is, but here, #*^[email protected] I say let her rip. Now, if a thread becomes outright abusive, than it ought to be deleted. Didn't see that here, just one poster complainin that it might be somehow detracting from the much more extensive fund discussion category. In "Mending Wall" Robert Frost argues that his apple trees aint gonna cross the wall and bother the neighbors pine trees. Gotta think theres some resemblance to thinking off topic discussions are somehow gonna bother them that are discussing funds on the other side of the wall.
  • Totally agree with you hank (and catch). I thought Old Joe and investor gave thoughtful and pointed opinions. I didn't see anything wrong with that thread except that one poster reverted back to the limitations of the FA board rules.

    I think off-topic is great for such discussions - even political slant, which of course does impact the economy and your investments - as long as people don't become abusive and disrespectful to others. In only that case (abuse) do I see a reason to delete the post (and maybe only that post while leaving the thread intact).

    Stir the emotion and people will come, read and join in.
  • Hi, everyone.

    I'd like to apologize. I closed the thread, rather than delete it, while I sought advice from David as to how much moderation he'd like on the boards. His advice is "less is more." So, I've reopened the thread in question. Debate away!

    Sorry for the disruption.
  • Good show, mate! Hoping to cause more such trouble in the future!

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