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Your Roth IRA in retirement

How are you managing your Roth if retired and over 70, more interested if over 80? Leaving it for heirs or spending it? Invested conservatively and safe or otherwise?


  • Not quite 70 so not quite your desired sample, but our Roths are the most aggressively invested, and indeed sometime over the winter I think I will swing more and more into DSENX.

    Kids get low-debt house plus anything left over, but the goal is to spend it, not heir-leaving. Maybe college help for grandchildren.

    Of course my travel abilities in 10-15y (if I am still alive) will be (even) more diminished than now.
  • edited December 2014
    I think this depends on a great many factors, including age, tax situation, etc.
    (my age 69.5)

    We got into Roths late - doing a conversion of a portion of our Traditional near the '09 market bottom and after we had already begun taking SS benefits. Initially it was 100% invested in aggressive global growth funds because they were among the most beaten-up when we converted. Now, we're more interested in protecting our sizeable tax free gains (counter to the traditional approach to Roths).

    Roth now comprises nearly half our investments. it's still a bit more aggressively positioned than the Traditional IRA portion - but not that much so. Mostly balanced funds along with a portion in diversified income funds. I will say the Roth contains what I consider the finest funds we own - so overall quality of the Roth investments is better - and it continues to out-perform the Traditional IRA. Kinda begs the question: Why don't we move everything to those select funds? Go figure.

    Future uses? (1) Would be handy should we encounter some unexpected major expense - as wouldn't incur the tax cost pulling from the Traditional would. (2) Since Roths aren't subject to RMD, we'll be able to protect that tax-sheltered portion longer than otherwise.

    PS: Goal is to run completely out of money the day before we die.:)
  • Use Roths withdraws to limit Tax liability, that's what they are the math (figuring)
  • I just turned 65. My Roth is invested rather aggressively but as I built it the intent was to have it generate enough income to cover my day to day living expenses. It does this easily and then some at this juncture. All of the current income is reinvested in additional shares which of see where this is going. At some point I may have to flip the switches and start withdrawing that income but for now both my needs and wants are small and life is good.
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