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  • Ted November 2014
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DMCRX for Roth

Hi all, I'm a big fan of the discussion board here at MFO. I was looking for some advice for my girlfriend's Roth that she can no longer contribute to due to her current income bracket.

I got her out of a small cap growth fund from Buffalo Funds. She's at least 25 years away from withdrawing and I was looking at DMCRX, because of the outperformance that I found on M* over the past 12 years compared to other small value and micro funds.

I'm also considering TSELX and WSVRX, but I'm not sure how long Mr. Walthausen is going to be around to keep working his magic.

Thanks for your help


  • @gmarceau: DMCRX & TSELX will be ready for carving in a couple of weeks, they are both turkeys. WSVRX is a winner.
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