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Looking for good tax efficient funds at TR Price or elsewhere///hank

edited May 2011 in Fund Discussions
Retired and no longer adding to tax sheltered holdings. New money been going to cash. Like to gradually shift some to moderate growth. Lippers screener helped find 3 candidates, PRPFX, OAKBX, TRSGX . Others? Would slow-mo DCA work or is there a preferred time to lump in? We do like Price based on past dealings but could go anywhere.


  • Use this map link:
    Open the option "color by" and select Lipper Leader Tax EFF...this will point to funds that are tax efficient.

    Hover over the green boxes to ID the funds...the brighter green the higher the rating

    Also, you can change the view to show these funds by fund family:

  • Hank, while you are looking for tax efficient funds, keep a note that some funds' tax efficiency had been boosted due to accumulated losses. Those losses have largely gone and in 2011 more funds are likely to distribute capital gains incurred by trading. Don't be fazed when you get unexpected distributions.

    Keep high distribution funds in retirement accounts and more growthy (less income) funds in taxable accounts. Look for low turnover funds or specifically tax-managed funds. If you are likely to be in high tax bracket, consider investing some of your money in muni-funds.
  • bee, following your link I get a message "the required plugin is not installed" but they give no idea what they want. Our flash player appears to be workin OK.
  • Thanks bee. Neat tool. Struggling some with dial-up. Can't wait to work with this on a broadband connect. Take Care.
  • One to consider is Manning & Napier Tax Managed (EXTAX). David Snowball also did a profile on it:
  • edited May 2011
    Thanks All for the help. Researched Manning & Napier a bit and read David's review. Looks promising.///hank
  • Thanks for the chart link, bee, love these kind of charts and found this very interesting.
  • Thanks, bee. This is a chart I didn't know existed. Ver-r-r-y cool!
    MFO is starting to rock...
  • Welcome sir!! VERY happy to see some life in the old tribe!
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