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    Seventy percent of institutional money managers surveyed by Northern Trust Global Advisors believe inflation will increase over the next six months, and 62% believe market volatility will increase over the same time period.

    Also, 26% of the managers on NTGA’s manager-of-managers platform increased their exposure to commodities in the first quarter.

    “Global events during the first quarter of 2011 have given our managers a lot to digest in a very short amount of time,” Chris Vella, NTGA global director of research, said in a news release. “With renewed unrest in the Middle East, it makes sense that managers have become increasingly concerned about the impact that a spike in oil prices will have on economic growth. Likewise, as general concerns around inflationary pressures persist, we would expect some of our managers to increase their exposure to commodities as a means to hedging out some of that risk.”

    The survey also revealed:

    • 58% believe the S&P 500 is undervalued;

    • 66% believe Japanese equities are undervalued;

    • 36% were risk averse;

    • 43% believe emerging markets are undervalued; and

    • technology, energy, industrials, emerging markets and health care were believed to be the top five most attractive markets, respectively.

    The survey of 88 managers was conducted in mid-March. Mr. Vella could not be reached by press time for further comment.

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  • Thanks John...some thoughts

    S&P 500 is undervalued...
    Any good dividend paying S&P 500 funds that pay while you wait?

    Japanese equities (could be a value trap...needs a growth catalyst):
    I own these:
    OAKIX= Oakmark International (30% exposure to Japan)
    MAJFOX = Matthews Japan
    PRJFX = TR Price Japan

    Emerging markets(need to watch closely...big runs up and down):
    Own these:
    TREMX (T Rowe Price Int:Em Euro)...Russia,Turkey E. Europe will benefit...this fund is out of favor right now
    VWO = Vanguard Emerging ETF...better choice to transaction fee with Vanguard Brokerage Acct.
    WAEMX = Wasatch Emerging Small Cap...nice alpha recently
    PRASX = TR Price New Asia...401k offering

    Smart Phone has opened the door to the smart grid (Electric power(Energy)+ IT)
    VOX = Vanguard Telecom
    PRMTX = TR Price Media & Telecom...Long term hold...long term leader
    PRGTX = TR Price Gloal Tech
    MATFX = Matthews Asian Tech

    Energy: (its impact on inflation/recession is a concern)
    Alternate Energy has a opportunity to be a opportunity area such as;

    (Lithium Ion Tech)
    1. Power Storage for Vehicles = Electric Storage, Vehicles, Electric Producers
    2. Power Storage for the Grid

    (NG Fueling stations)
    1. Fleet Vehicles (Trucks, Buses, etc.)

    I own:
    VDE= Vanguard Energy ETF...VGENX replacement
    GASFX = FBR Gas Utility...Dividend paying distribution & Infrastructure Companies

    Industrials: (I need suggestions here)
    VIS = Vanguard Industrials ETF

    Health care:
    PRHSX = TR Price Health Sciences
    VHT = Vanguard Health Care...ETF replacement for VGHCX
    FPHAX = (Fidelity Sel Pharm)
    BUFTX (Buffalo:Sci & Tech)...nice combination of Tech and healthcare

    Income Choices( Not US teasuries but):
    High Yield Corporate
    Corporate Bonds
    Selective Muni Funds
    Corporate) Inflation Protection verses TIPs
    Emerging Bonds

    Countries that seem worth researching:
    New Zealand
    Japan, Korea, Taiwan

    Get paid (dividend) while you wait for these to come into favor:
    Homebuilders & (REITS)
    Small Banks
    Large Banks
    Nuclear Power

    Any thought appreciated,

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