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Pimco Q&A on their newly introduced EM funds

PIMCO Introduces a Comprehensive Emerging Market Approach

Article Introduction

•​The PIMCO Emerging Multi-Asset Strategy is designed to provide dedicated exposure to key emerging market asset classes.
•We believe that many emerging market countries are in the midst of a long-term increase in global economic importance.
•Though investors have turned to emerging markets (EM) as a means to increase potential returns in their portfolios, they are challenged to both navigate fluid risks and exploit opportunities. Our view is that a passive approach to EM simply fails to address these realities.

Article Main Body
PIMCO recently introduced the PIMCO Emerging Multi-Asset Strategy, a comprehensive emerging market (EM) portfolio solution for investors, providing dedicated exposure to key EM asset classes: equity, local sovereign debt, external sovereign debt, corporate debt and currencies. In an interview, portfolio managers who share responsibility for the strategy, Curtis Mewbourne, Maria (Masha) Gordon, Ramin Toloui and Michael Gomez, discuss the strategy’s investment process, the outlook for emerging markets and how this asset-allocation strategy integrates with PIMCO’s established investment framework.​

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