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The importance of a good discussion title ...

edited April 2011 in Technical Questions
This isn't really technical, but I wasn't sure where to put it.

With the MFO discussion board format, it is really important that people use a descriptive discussion title. Then people can understand what the post is about w/o having to open every post.

DS, can we have some guidelines about what to put in a discussion title. This doesn't have to be strict, but one or two word titles just don't give enough description.

Any other votes for this?


  • edited April 2011
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • I once read that if a book (fiction) didn't grab your interest on the first page, there was little chance that you would read it. If folks want anyone to read and respond to their posts, the same thing applies to the title. Says me, the famous one-liner:-)
  • I agree with Maurice. If people does not put useful subject lines on their post (or email on an email based discussion lists, etc) their post will be ignored. It is up to them to make their post attractive especially if they are asking for help.
  • edited April 2011
    Agree a good title is important. Just as important is having the name of the originator nearby. Some have commented they only read certain posters. No problem there. However, a better justification might be that the person who took the trouble to post the topic deserves credit. Anybody here opposed to putting their name there? Might also make it easier to remember which topics you've looked at. Not easy with 172 topics spread across 6 or more pages.
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