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PGBAX - Principle Global Diversified Income Fund

edited April 2014 in Fund Discussions
I Am a Senior Citizen And I Have a Low Risk Tolerance. I Can Purchase This Fund No Load At Fidelity. I Would Appreciate All Comments. Any Other Fund Ideas Would Be Appreciated. I Usually Buy Balanced Funds - The Only Exceptions At This Time Are PMARX, WBMIX & MFLDX (im looking to replace mfldx)


  • edited April 2014
    Why are you looking to replace MFLDX? It's having an off year, but it has a good long-term record. If you are replacing it due to this year, you're going to be replacing a lot of funds over time, as all funds have an off year here-and-there. Given the fund's high degree of flexibility, I have no concern about the rise in AUM.

    PGBAX is a very good income fund, but it will have some mild volatility. Keep in mind that the stock side is not diversified, it focuses highly on utilities, energy (MLPs) and real estate (REITs.)
  • edited April 2014
    Scott, Thank You For Your Reply, I Respect Your Investing Knowledge. I Always Read Your Postings. Maybe I Will Hang On To MFLDX.
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