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Best 5 YTD. What are your?



  • edited March 2014
    I am invested for the longer term ... and, with this, I have listed below my top five funds along with their five year returns. They are as follows: HWAAX (32.48%) ... LPEFX (30.95%) ... FDSAX (28.47%) ... VADAX (26.59% and IIVAX (26.56%). Over this period my conserative portfolio with a target asset allocation of 20% cash, 25% income, 45% equity and 10% alternatives has had an annual averaged return of 17.44%.

    Year-to-date my top five funds are as follows: FRINX (4.77%) ... JCRAX (4.55%) ... THOAX (4.36%) ... TOLLX (4.17%) and PGBAX (3.16%).
  • gk3105gklm: Talk to me on the last trading session of 2014, and we'll see who has the best returns.
  • skeet, LPEFX looks interesting, how can you access to it without paying the load? Thanks.
  • @DavidMMP: FYI:





    Min. Init. Purchase




    Purchase Constraint: Institutional - T, Qualified Access - A, Closed to New/All Investments - C/L.
    Shareclass Attributes: Available for 529 Only - N, Indirect Use Only - U.

    ALPS|Red Rocks Listed Private Equity A 5.50 — 1.51 2,500 0.25 — —

    ALPS|Red Rocks Listed Private Equity C — 1.00 2.25 2,500 0.75 — —

    ALPS|Red Rocks Listed Private Equity I — — 1.25 1,000,000 0.00 T —

    ALPS|Red Rocks Listed Private Equity R — — 1.75 0 0.50 A —

    Brokerage Availability LPEFX

    CommonWealth PPS MSWM Brokerage

    CommonWealth Universe Pershing FundCenter

    DailyAccess Corporation FRIAG Pershing FundVest NTF

    DailyAccess Corporation MATC Raymond James

    DailyAccess Corporation Matrix Raymond James WRAP Eligible

    DailyAccess Corporation Mid-Atlantic RBC Wealth Management-Network Eligible

    DailyAccess Corporation RTC Schwab All (Retail, Instl, Retirement)

    Fidelity Institutional FundsNetwork Schwab OneSource & NTF (No Load & No Transaction Fee)

    Fidelity Institutional FundsNetwork-NTF Scottrade Load

    Fidelity Retail FundsNetwork Shareholders Services Group

    JP MORGAN LOAD TD Ameritrade Institutional NTF

    JP MORGAN LOAD-WAIVED NTF TD Ameritrade Retail

    JP MORGAN NTF TD Ameritrade Trust Company

    JPMorgan Thrivent – Advisory Eligible

    LPL SAM Eligible TIAA-CREF Brokerage Services

    Merrill Edge TIAA-CREF NTF

    Merrill Lynch Trade PMR NTF

    Met Life Resources MFSP Alliance List Trust Company of America

    Mid Atlantic Capital Corp WFA MFQ Screen Updated 12/31/13

    We value your feedback. Let us know what you think.

  • Thanks Ted. I will check with my broker to see if I can access to this fund.
    My best YTD are GEVA (56%) and AEGN up 62%. For funds, PRHSX up 12% and RRRAX (10%).
  • Strangely (?)--- some of my bond funds are doing better y-t-d than some stock funds. The 5 YTD "winners" so far--- IN DESCENDING ORDER, and size in portf.
  • FSAGX 27.43%
    FPHAX 11.35%
    FSELX 10.79%
    FTQGX 6.13%
    FSMVX 5.37%

  • The last five years are a fantasy land. Do not base your expectations on the last five years.
  • BobC said:

    The last five years are a fantasy land. Do not base your expectations on the last five years.

    Well said.

  • I believe the thread with the confusing title was intended as YOUR best 5 funds YTD, not the best funds over the last 5 years. Just one of those forum feel-good pastimes not meant to be taken seriously as fund recommendation.
  • edited March 2014
    Reply to @cman:

    Yep. Of course, Bob might have been pulling their leg a little.:-)

    Quote: "The world rolls completely over once every day."
  • "What are your" is technically incorrect, too: "yours" is correct. Sorry, grammar and spelling police. Our beautiful jewel, the English language, is being thrown to the dogs. My teacher used to say that if we found a particular spelling in the newspaper, it was acceptable. But today? Ya, right! (NOT!) Newspapers, anything on the internet, even tv reporters---alas, there is no proper English that can be counted upon, anywhere. So, we have many, many more people here now whose first language is not English. That's not a legitimate excuse to run our splendid language into the ground. Keeping with the "top five" theme, I welcome you to think in terms of:

    ...And, because "the British and Americans are two peoples separated by a common language," don't forget G. B. Shaw.
  • edited March 2014
    Reply to @crash:-)

    Re Shakespeare, Byron, Dickinson, Douglass, Lincoln: All eminently quotable - and I think it's nice the new board allots a special area for quotes!

  • I am using last 3 years for any new funds I add and mostly conservative funds. currently largest position, VWINX, BERIX, PRBLX, YACKX, VILLX, and an ETF-SCHD
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