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Saving draft comments

Hello there. I notices the automated "save draft" feature when i type a comment. So far, it has saved me two drafts. To be sure, I continued to type those comments after the auto-save worked, and posted them successfully. What do i do with these partial auto-saves? How can i delete them? The only choice i currently see is to post them. (ha, as i was typing this the auto-save worked its majic again, so i expect to have 3 partial drafts under my name.) Thanks.


  • I think there is a delete option far right on the list of Drafts that you can delete yourself.
  • nope. it's not there. my drafts are still showing up, and when i click to see them, there is no delete option whatsoever.
  • Hey JR- give me a chance to fool around here- it's a little tricky...

  • OK, got it. On the main "Discussions" page, under the black line at the top you should be seeing "All Discussions", "My Discussions", and now "My Drafts", with a little number indicating how many drafts there are.

    Click on the "My Drafts" gizmo, and you then should see a list of your drafts. There is another little "Delete" gizmo near the upper right-hand corner of each draft, but the trick is that it isn't visible until you position your cursor somewhere inside the draft that you want to delete.

    Click the "Delete", and you should be OK. Why a "secret" delete gizmo? Damned if I know.

  • In case anyone wonders...

    No, I'm not just sitting here watching MFO and waiting for somebody to post... this MAC has two 19" monitors, and I'm working over on the right-hand one and sort of looking at MFO on the left-hand one when I need a break from the work.
  • there is nothing with "sitting there and watching MFO". there are worse offences in the world. -:)
  • Ok OJ. placed my cursor strategically and indeed so the delete button on the far far right. as i move cursor from the comment to click on the delete button, it disappears. that particular screen is very unstable -- could be my work browser issue. will try again from home. thanks for the exact instructions!
  • Sorry for not being specific. OJ guided you to the right place. With this board software not everything is obvious. Buttons appear when you hover cursor on a specific area. Definitely fancy but not visually impaired friendly.

    Fading of the buttons in and out does not really add value.
  • Mod: It would be nicer if the drafts were also available through the link for users' login name. The location is not obvious and hard to find.

    For other user having difficulty accessing drafts here is the direct link:
  • Hi Investor- Yep, I agree.

  • OJ, Investor -- thank you both for your help. The computer at work added to the challenge. At home, i was able to spot the "delete" button right away (after your prompts). Thanks for hovering over this board and its less experienced users!
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