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Chemical & Mining Co. of Chile Inc. (SQM)

I know this is a mutual fund site, but I am coming to ask a question on a stock where the smart people are;-)

I see that SQM is up about 15% in the past few days, but I can not locate any specific news.

Any thoughts?



  • TedTed
    edited February 2014
    Dear Mona Go to Yahoo Finance.Com type in symbol, below the quote there should be Current News on SQM

    P.S. I'm very disappointed you didn't take my fund suggestion the other day, but heaven forbid I don't want you get a heart attack even though I be happy to send you some of my Carvedilol, Ramipirl, and Amlodipine
  • edited February 2014
    I'm guessing lithium hopes due to new Tesla plant production. Citi even notes the rally based upon "hope" ( The stock is certainly interesting, but has been largely obliterated. Keep in mind that Potash (POT) also owns a stake in SQM, so you could get exposure to SQM via POT. Potash also has a larger dividend.

    "PotashCorp owns the equivalent of 32 percent of SQM under its dual class share structure and appoints three of the company’s eight board seats. The company has another equivalent-sized shareholder (32 percent)."


  • edited February 2014
    From 3rd Q. (2013) Portfolio review at Andrew Foster's SFGIX Seafarer fund: "Careful observers of the Fund, along with participants in Seafarer’s latest public Shareholder Conference Call (held in July), would have noted that until recently, the Fund held a large position (roughly 3%) in the stock of a company called Sociedad Quimica y Minera (“SQM”). SQM is based in Chile, and it is engaged in a number of extractive, resource-oriented industries: it mines “potash,” a form of potassium; it uses some of that potash to make fertilizers; it harvests lithium from salt fields; and it mines iodine. I added SQM to the Fund in the autumn of 2012, and I sold the shares during the late summer of 2013. During the intervening period, the shares lost roughly half of their value, a substantial portion of which occurred during the third quarter..."
  • Others touched on it, but it's a Tesla play. SQM is the major producer of lithium for lithium batteries. Tesla announced they're going to start making their own at some sunny southern location (still shopping) where they can use solar and wind. It juiced SQM 'cause Tesla's fairly expensive.

    It's actually a nice long run play regardless of the 15% Tesla spike.


  • I think the Tesla project would give a boost to their rate.

  • SQM board agrees to maintain dividend policy, shares +5.3%

    Shares of Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile (SQM +5.3%) shot higher this afternoon on news that it will maintain its dividend policy, paying 50% of the distributable net income obtained by SQM during FY 2013.
    Earlier, SQM had reported mixed Q4 results, with revenues declining 18% Y/Y but finishing ahead of estimates; SQM says new supply in excess of market growth was added by existing competitors, which hurt sales volumes in its lithium and iodine businesses.
    More on the Tesla Connection
    Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) news ignites rally in 10 stocks: by Rebekah Denny / March 5, 2014
    Quote from Google Finance
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