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Thanks For The Help!

edited February 2014 in Fund Discussions
Greets ~ A week or so ago I asked for suggestions (in a very general way) of mutual funds that would suit my needs. Not many people who ask for suggestions seem to let others know which suggestions they have chosen, which is kind of a bummer imho. So I just wanted to let people know that I've decided to invest in MPGFX (Mairs & Powers Growth) as I liked their juicy dividend twice a year in addition to Fido Contrafund which I've held for eons. I'm also thinking of taking a smallish stake in a health care fund or etf as well as a stake in VASVX (Vanguard Select Value).

Thanks again for the help, it's sincerely appreciated!


  • You show lots of class, Pop Tart. I like it!

    Regards- OJ
  • Thank you OJ : )
  • buy VHT vanguard health care eft, you won't regret it
  • Own HQL and Novo Nordisk (NVO) in terms of healthcare.
  • Thanks johnN & Scott, I'll look into your suggestions : )
  • Reply to @PopTart: The other healthcare fund suggestions are terrific and are well worth consideration. I happen to like HQL (and sister fund HQH) from the standpoint of private equity (a significant amount of the funds can be in PE) and the distributions (although those may definitely vary over time.)
  • Reply to @PopTart: You can't go wrong with PRHSX.

  • Looks like PRHSX is closed to new investors. Thanks for the suggestion nonetheless.
  • Hi PopTart,

    Fido does indicate PRHSX closed; on the site, but the fund is open. If you really want to buy; I would make a phone call and ask "what's the story".
    Okay, back to the snow shovel, eh?
    Take care of you and yours,
  • PopTart, You did well choosing M & P Growth. Congratulations. I don't hold it, but I track it. Really a fine fund.
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