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Growth & Income Fund?

edited January 2014 in Fund Discussions

Been awhile since I last made an appearance here, I hope that all are well. In addition to my daughter I now have a 6 month old son. The box of Pop Tarts is increasing in number!

I passed the 30 year old milestone last year and will soon be 31. Geezer city... : )

My portfolio has changed due to the increasing number of family members. I've had to sell some holdings to pay for the increased number of mouths to feed. I'm conservatively positioned, although I'm considering adding a growth & income fund to my portfolio or perhaps a growth fund instead. Any fund suggestions from the wise elders on this site?

Thanks for any and all suggestions!


  • Welcome back, and congratulations! I'm hopeful that PT Jr. brings you much joy and few diapers. I still recall Will's almost unearthly ability to produce . . . oh, let's talk about funds instead.

    Tell us a bit more about what "growth and income" signals to you. Are you just looking for a lower volatility equity fund or are you actually hopeful of harvesting monthly income for the family? Volatility control comes as a price - sometimes literally, sometimes in short-term returns - and can be achieved by targeting high-dividend stocks, low-volatility stocks, adding non-equity exposure, holding cash, or hedging the portfolio with options or shorts.

    If we have a sense of what you're hoping for, perhaps folks might offer more useful advice.

    As ever,

  • Thanks David! PT Jr. has certainly brought much joy to our home and his diaper use has far exceeded his sister's. I feel like I'm an investor in P&G...

    I don't mind volatility in share price and was looking to also have some dividend income. A growth fund that also delivers a good dividend at the end of the year is what I'm looking for. I've been in Fid. Contrafund for almost a decade. I'd like a more concentrated fund which also pays a good dividend once or twice a year.

    I hope that this answers your question and the questions which others may have about my initial post.

    Thanks again for the quick reply!
  • Take a look at HDV, or VIG. I like HDV, for its lower exposure to financials and higher exposure to
    healthcare. Dividend is also higher. Over its lifetime (just shy of three years, I think) it has done
    better or comparable to other similar plays.

  • Thanks Kaspa!
  • MPGFX Juicy dividends, twice a year. It looks like their habit is to pay a smaller dividend in June and a much larger one at the end of the year. Morningstar says it's "Large Blend," rather than growth. You can make your own judgment about that. Wow, you sure do have your hands full. But congratulations. Have a cigar.:)
  • edited January 2014
    Thanks Crash, I'll check this one out : )

    Yep, I have a lot on my plate in this phase of life (and I wouldn't have it any other way!).
  • TedTed
    edited January 2014
    Reply to @PopTart: Take a look at these funds.
  • Thanks Ted, I'll check them out.
  • edited January 2014
    Thanks to all who volunteered suggestions. Without a doubt this is the most helpful forum that I've ever participated in! Quite a variety of fund/etf suggestions, especially Ted's. Thanks for letting me know of some excellent funds which I've never heard of.

    I'll follow these suggestions and a few other funds that I've been watching. Looks like cash is a good holding for the time being. Thanks for the help! : )
  • Reply to @PopTart: You welcome, and glad to have you back on The Board. One fund I forgot is MPGFX. Over the last few days cash is not trash, this is an excellent opportunity to buy on dips.

    P.S. Let us know what you buy.
  • Reply to @Ted: We recommended the same fund! Don't you love it when a plan comes together? (-George Peppard, "A-Team.")
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