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Artisan High Income Fund

edited January 2014 in Fund Discussions

This is the first fund of such type at Artisan Partners. The manager is Bryan Krug, who was doing quite well at Ivy High Income WHIAX (and IVHIX) for the last 7 years. It would be interesting to follow this fund.


  • Here is the prior announcement from Ivy regarding Krug's departure and Nelson's assumption of the role of manager of Ivy High Income. As "finder" observed, it was performing well in the high yield space for its risk profile.

    (Note: It's interesting to look at the equity curves of some of these high yield funds versus say the SP500 over the last ten years.)

  • And a Barron's article with some comments on effects at Ivy and Artisan:
  • for what interest it holds, here's the note on the fund from our January issue:

    Artisan High Income Fund will invest in high yield corporate bonds and debt. There are two major distinctions here. First, it is Artisan’s first fixed-income fund. Second, Artisan has always claimed that they’re only willing to hire managers who will be “category-killers.” If you look at Artisan’s returns, you’ll get a sense of how very good they are at that task. Their new high-yield manager, and eventual head of a new, autonomous high-yield team, is Bryan C. Krug who ran the $10 billion, five star Ivy High Income Fund (WHIYX) for the past seven years. The minimum initial investment will be $1000 for Investor shares and $250,000 for Advisor shares. The initial expense ratio will be 1.25% for both Investor and Advisor shares.

    Artisan can't talk about the fund until after it launches (or, at least, is cleared for launch) in early March. I've got a note in with the folks there, asking if we might talk about why high income? and why now?

    For what it's worth,

  • Missed that, David. I think it's definitely worth the chat with them.
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