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Catalyst Hedged Futures HFXIX

edited January 2014 in Fund Discussions
This is an interesting fund which was converted from the hedge fund. Thus, the figure that I am going to attach does not mean much... and yet is looks quite intriguing:

After the conversion, its performance was unimpressive, but... maybe we should follow it a bit?
Any comments?


  • edited January 2014
    I look for the negatives when considering a fund. This fund would have lost (3.3%) in 2013 according to M*. I'm just not a Futures fund fan - they never run smooth.
  • I think managed futures is an interesting category, but I've always thought it required a greater degree of flexibility and the ability to be more nimble than a mutual fund is capable of being. I've often thought and said that managed futures works better as a hedge fund than a mutual fund and the above chart really appears to kinda prove that out. The only reasonably decent futures fund that I've seen is the AQR fund and I wouldn't even really recommend that.
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