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Individual Investors Calmly Buy Stocks During Sell-Off

edited March 2020 in Fund Discussions

/Individual Investors Calmly Buy Stocks During Sell-Off
Fidelity and Vanguard clients have been buying stocks amid the slide.

Individual investors are leaning into Warren Buffett's famous axiom, "Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful," despite the steep correction across U.S. markets since late February. According to trading data from Fidelity Investments and Vanguard, two of the biggest brokers serving retail investors, their clients are showing no signs of panic and adding stocks to their portfolios in the midst of a steep market sell-off that has brought the S&P 500 down close to 20% from its highs of February 19th. This, despite ongoing concerns about the depth and severity of the economic impact of the coronavirus, which has now officially been labeled a global pandemic by the World Health Organization1/

They may do well long term, history has demonstrated market go up 9%-12 annually since 1920s. Maybe many folks have moderate amount of cash could slowly jump in now


  • I'm at TDA/Schwab and have been deploying my excess cash into this market into new/existing positions. Still have more to go, but a good start thus far.
  • edited March 2020
    Old_Skeet has also been a buyer of equities during this stock market sell-off. I have bought at the 8%, 13%, 19% & 27% decline marks keeping my equity allocation on bubble within my portfolio's overall asset allocation.
  • edited March 2020
    I wasn’t “calm”. But now have a substantial position in PIEQX (5-6%) which I didn’t have before all the nonsense began couple weeks ago. Plan to hold that one a good long while. About half I bought yesterday. Also sold some bond-weighted holdings so that a trickle went into miners and natural resources (the riskiest areas). Call it bottom fishing / dumpster diving.

    Wish I’d had the foresight to add to PRNEX yesterday when crude was flirting with $30. Nice bump up today. It was a long day flying and driving. Did what I could enroute. Bought a little today as part of a broader rebalance.

    Confucius say: “He who hesitates is lost.”
  • As mentioned in other threads on MFO I'm now the proud owned of 50 shares of ASML. Anyone here who has an interest in that company should please take note and probably sell immediately.
  • LOL! OJ.
  • After months (years ?) of doing nothing I finally scratched the itch yesterday and Wednesday, and let Fido loose. Small bits of Archer Daniels ADM, Boeing BA, BRKB, Canadian Nat CNI, Diageo DEO, Gen Dynamics GD, IBM, MMM, Plains All Am PAA. Probably the best thing this did was clear off crappy little notes all over the desk from 4 am "thoughts".
    Maybe next time I just buy NOBL and sleep through
  • @Old_Joe. Hey, thats my line! :-)

  • Yes, I was buying this week. I've allocated about 50% of my cash pile into new and/or existing long-term positions as I've posed in the other thread.

    My biggest buy this week was BIP, which I loaded up on in both accounts.
  • @hawkmountain- Super to see that you're still with us! Always great to see folks from "the old days".

    Still raising hell and testing David's patience-
  • hank said:

    Confucius say: “He who hesitates is lost.”

    The nuns who taught me in grade school had as many sayings as Confucius. Not only does “He who hesitate is lost” but “Haste makes waste.” It wasn’t until about seventh grade that I distilled that “you get nowhere fast.”
  • Started a new position in TRBCX over the week and added a little to MGGPX. Also did some tax-loss harvesting. Goin slow. Based on what I've seen in the stores around here this week, I'm sure more panic is to come.
  • @OJ: kinda thought I'd hear from ya. Hell, my old days are so old I remember the Brills, who were pre-FA as I recall.
    Now I'm sittin here picking off a few things that look interesting, mostly for the grandkids, might do the same for great grandkids if I ever have any.
    I Remember '73, '87, '08 with great regard, don't know if this present mess will turn into any of those or not but diligence sometimes does the job as it did back then.
    Enjoy your vacation!!
    Best, hawk
  • trickled peanuts into the defense sector, general dynamics, lockheed martin, etc. longterm, i don't see how these guys lose. too much in the pipeline come what may, no matter who wins the election. i think. we shall see!
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